May 23

Liu Bang and Xiang Yu

It’s said that both Liu Bang and Xiang Yu had been deeply struck by the grand sight of First Emperor out on an inspection tour. “This is the way a man should live,”admired Liu Bang. “I can replace him,”was how Xiang Yu expreeed his embition. Liu Bang’s words reveal him as a man of deep.

April 19

Chinese Environment

Chinese Environment

Sometimes people describe China’s landscape as being like a staircase with three steps. The top step of this staircase is in the west, where the Himalaya mountains are (India is on the other side of these mountains). Tibet is in this part of China. And Mount Everest is here (it’s the world’s tallest mountain). People call it “the roof of the world.”.

April 18

Yao, Shun, and Yu

Yao,  Shun, and Yu were three sage kings of China’ remote past.  For thousands of years after,  court officials would yearn for yet never get to serve monarchs such as them. As we know very little about them from legend, we can only speculate that they were probably tribal chieftains during the transitional period from.