November 10

How to use “忽然” and “突然” in Chinese(Section 2)

Last section we discussed the “忽然” and “突然” when the situation can be replaced each other, now we will be going on the situation not interchangeable. 1. “突然” as an adjective, much broader usage, which also determines the diversity in sentences. In addition to the verb before the adverbial, it can also to be attributive,.

November 9

What is Pinyin of Mandarin

Pinyin is written in standard Chinese using the Latin alphabet. Pinyin developed by the PRC in 1958 and implemented in 1979. E ‘used exclusively in China so far. For many years, Pinyin has become widely recognized by the international community, which replaces the old system of romanization, as Wade-Giles system. It ‘important to remember that.

November 9

How to use “忽然” and “突然” in Chinese(Section 1)

“忽然” and “突然” is a pair of synonyms in Chinese, from the meaning that both close to the line indicated that comes very quickly in a short time, and the unexpected so that many foreign students would often equating the two terms, thinking that the two can replace each other and therefore the sentence to.

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