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All at once, a rabbit came out of a hole – 突然,一只兔子从一个洞中跑了出来

Chinese Sentence: 突然,一只兔子从一个洞中跑了出来。 
English Translation: All at once, a rabbit came out of a hole.

Simplified Traditional Pinyin Tones English
突然 突然 tu1 ran2 tū rán sudden / abrupt / unexpected
一只 一只 yi1 zhi3 yī zhǐ 1
兔子 兔子 tu4 zi5 tù zi hare / rabbit / CL:隻|只
cong1 cōng lax / yielding / unhurried
一个 一個 yi1 ge4 yī gè a / an
洞中 洞中 dong4 zhong1 dòng zhōng Hole
跑了 跑了 pao3 le5 pǎo le Run
出来 出來 chu1 lai2 chū lái to come out / to emerge

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