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Don’t pull the chairs about,boys – 不要把椅子拖来拖去,孩子们

Chinese Sentence: 不要把椅子拖来拖去,孩子们! 
English Translation: Don’t pull the chairs about,boys!

Simplified Traditional Pinyin Tones English
不要 不要 bu4 yao4 bù yào don’t! / must not
ba3 to hold / to contain / to grasp / to take hold of / a handle / particle marking the following noun as a direct object / classifier for objects with handle
椅子 椅子 yi3 zi5 yǐ zi chair / CL:把
拖来 拖來 tuo1 lai2 tuō lái Drag to
tuo1 tuō dragging (brush stroke in painting) / to drag along
qu4 to go / to leave / to remove / fourth tone of putonghua
孩子们 孩子們 hai2 zi5 men5 hái zi men children

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