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Here we are.Row M, seats l and 3 – 哦,到了。M排,l号和3号

Chinese Sentence: 哦,到了。M排,l号和3号。 
English Translation: Here we are.Row M, seats l and 3

Simplified Traditional Pinyin Tones English
e2 é to chant
到了 到了 dao4 le5 dào le at last / finally / in the end / has arrived / when subj. arrives at a location or time
M       M
pai2 pái a row / a line / to set in order / to arrange / to line up / to eliminate / to drain / to push open / platoon / raft / classifier for lines, rows etc
l       l
hao2 háo roar / cry / CL:個|个
he2 and / together with / with / sum / union / peace / harmony / surname He / Japanese related / Taiwan pr. han4
3       3
hao2 háo roar / cry / CL:個|个

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