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I don’t know how to express my gratitude – 我不知道怎样来表达我的感激之情。我要赶飞机

Chinese Sentence: 我不知道怎样来表达我的感激之情。我要赶飞机 
English Translation: I don’t know how to express my gratitude.

Simplified Traditional Pinyin Tones English
我不 我不 wo3 bu4 wǒ bù I do not
知道 知道 zhi1 dao5 zhī dao know / be aware of
怎样 怎樣 zen3 yang4 zěn yàng how / why
lai2 lái to come / to arrive / to come round / ever since / next
表达 表達 biao3 da2 biǎo dá to voice (an opinion) / to express / to convey
我的 我的 wo3 de5 wǒ de my / mine
感激 感激 gan3 ji1 gǎn jī to express thanks / grateful / moved to gratitude
之情 之情 zhi1 qing2 zhī qíng Love
我要 我要 wo3 yao1 wǒ yāo I would like to
gan3 gǎn to catch up / to overtake / to hurry / to rush / to drive away
飞机 飛機 fei1 ji1 fēi jī airplane / CL: 架

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