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I have to catch a plane. Could you hurry – 你能快点吗?我好久没有她的消息了

Chinese Sentence: 你能快点吗?我好久没有她的消息了。 
English Translation: I have to catch a plane. Could you hurry?

Simplified Traditional Pinyin Tones English
你能 你能 ni3 neng2 nǐ néng You can
快点 快點 kuai4 dian3 kuài diǎn to do sth more quickly / Hurry up! / Get a move on!
ma3 see 嗎啡|吗啡, morphine
wo3 I / me / my
好久没有 好久沒有 hao3 jiu3 mei2 you3 hǎo jiǔ méi yǒu Long time no
她的 她的 ta1 de5 tā de Her
消息 消息 xiao1 xi5 xiāo xi news / information / CL:條|条
le5 le (modal particle intensifying preceding clause) / (completed action marker)

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