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I was alone,but not lonely – 我独自一人,但并不觉得寂寞

Chinese Sentence: 我独自一人,但并不觉得寂寞。
English Translation: I was alone,but not lonely

Simplified Traditional Pinyin Tones English
wo3 I / me / my
独自 獨自 du2 zi4 dú zì alone
一人 一人 yi1 ren2 yī rén One person
dan4 dàn but / yet / however / only / merely / still
并不 並不 bing4 bu4 bìng bù not at all / emphatically not
觉得 覺得 jue2 de5 jué de to think / to feel
寂寞 寂寞 ji4 mo4 jì mò lonely / lonesome

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