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What shall we do tonight – 我们今天晚上去干点儿什么呢

Chinese Sentence: 我们今天晚上去干点儿什么呢?
English Translation: What shall we do tonight?

Simplified Traditional Pinyin Tones English
我们 我們 wo3 men5 wǒ men we / us / ourselves / our
今天 今天 jin1 tian1 jīn tiān today / at the present / now
晚上 晚上 wan3 shang5 wǎn shang in the evening / CL:個|个
去干 去乾 qu4 gan1 qù gān Do
点儿 點兒 dian3 r5 diǎn r5 erhua variant of 點|点, point / dot / speck / drop / little bit
什么呢 什麼呢 shi2 me5 ne5 shí me ne What does

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