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Why don’t you attend an aerobic class – 你为什么不去参加一个有氧健身班呢

Chinese Sentence: 你为什么不去参加一个有氧健身班呢? 
English Translation: Why don’t you attend an aerobic class?

Simplified Traditional Pinyin Tones English
ni3 you (informal, as opposed to polite 您
为什么 為甚麼 wei4 shen2 me5 wèi shén me why? / for what reason?
不去 不去 bu4 qu4 bù qù Not
参加 參加 can1 jia1 cān jiā to participate / to take part / to join
一个 一個 yi1 ge4 yī gè a / an
you3 yǒu to have / there is / there are / to exist / to be
yang3 yǎng oxygen O, atomic number 8
健身 健身 jian4 shen1 jiàn shēn physical exercise / gymnastics for fitness
ban1 bān team / class / squad / work shift / classifier for groups / ranking / surname Ban / CL:個|个
ne5 ne (question particle for subjects already mentioned)

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