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You’re welcome to stay with us next time – 欢迎您下次再光临我们的饭店

Chinese Sentence: 欢迎您下次再光临我们的饭店。 
English Translation: You’re welcome to stay with us next time.

Simplified Traditional Pinyin Tones English
欢迎您 歡迎您 huan1 ying2 nin2 huān yíng nín Welcome
下次再 下次再 xia4 ci4 zai4 xià cì zài Next time
光临 光臨 guang1 lin2 guāng lín (honorific) Welcome! / You honor us with your presence. / It is an honor to have you.
我们 我們 wo3 men5 wǒ men we / us / ourselves / our
de5 de of / structural particle: used before a noun, linking it to preceding possessive or descriptive attributive
饭店 飯店 fan4 dian4 fàn diàn restaurant / hotel /

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