Counting from one to ten in Chinese

In Chinese number counts , you should pay attention to the lines on top of the vowels in the Romanisation. They made lots of tones of Chinese words are different from each other. Thought about your voice has to follow the line from left to right, so with “yī”, your voice would stay up quite high, at a constant pitch. This kind of rule is applied to the other ones. The following listed ten number counts for Chinese

1. 一 (yī)
2. 二 (èr)
3. 三 (sān)
4. 四 (sì)
5. 五 (wǔ)
6 .六 (liù)
7. 七 (qī)
8. 八 (bā)
9. 九 (jiǔ)
10. 十 (shí)

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