Do you like spicy food?

spicy food

辣 (là): adj. spicy/hot       
The Chinese character "辣 (là)" literally means spicy. In China, Sichuan province is famous for its spicy cuisine, for example, "火锅 (huǒguō)" hotpot. And it is said that Sichuan girls are beautiful and forthright. So people tend to call Sichuan girls "辣妹子 (làmèizi) spicy girls." Particularly, the famous song "辣妹子 (làmèizi) Spicy Sisters" sang by Song Zuying made this term popular and people began to call pretty girls "辣妹 (làmèi)." When the pop group Spice Girls became a hit in China, the implications of "辣 (là)" widened. People now use it to describe girls who are beautiful and sexy. In English, the term is hot.
        Nǐ xǐhuan chī là de dōngxi ma?
Amy: 你  喜欢  吃  辣  的 东西  吗? 
        Do you like spicy food?
         Dāngrán le, wǒ kěshì Sìchuān làmèizi.
Lana: 当然      了,我  可是  四川    辣妹子。 
        Of course, and I’m a spicy girl from Sichuan Province.

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