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Learn Mandarin grammar –Modal particle

In linguistics, modal particles are always uninflected words, and are a type of grammatical particle. Mandarin Chinese depends highly on the use of modal particles. Changing the pitch of the sentence or phrase would make the meaning of the sentence different.

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: placed at the end of a sentence to express admiration or affirmation, for example:

duō hǎo de dì fɑnɡ a

多 好 的 地 方 啊!
What a place!

nǐ kě yào xiǎo xīn a

你 可 要 小 心 啊!
Do be careful!
Or to indicate a question, for example:

nǐ men nǎ tiān qù lǚ xínɡ a

你 们 哪 天 去 旅 行 啊?
When are you going to start on your journey?
啊can also be placed in the sentence to pause for a second and draw attention to the following sentences, for example:

nǐ a lǎo zhè yànɡ xià qu kě bù xínɡ
你 啊 ,老 这 样 下 去 可 不 行!
Look! You can’t go on like this.
Or placed after a repetitive verb to indicate that it is a very long process:

tā men zǒu a zǒu a yì zhí zǒu dào hé biān
他 们 走 啊,走 啊,一 直 走 到 河 边。
They went on and on till they came to a river.



呀: ah; oh

ya xià xuě le
呀,下 雪 了!
Oh, it’s snowing!

shuí ya
谁 呀?
Who is it?

zhēn shānɡ xīn ya
真 伤 心 呀!
Woe is me!

: Oh; ah; I see

ò   wǒ dǒnɡ le
哦,我 懂 了。
Oh! I see. Oh! Now I understand.

ò   zhēn de
哦?真 的?
Oh, you do?


: placed at the end of a sentence to indicate a question

shì ma

是 吗?
That so?

ké yǐ ma

可 以 吗?
Would you?

tánɡ cù yú hǎo chī ma

糖 醋 鱼 好 吃 吗?
How do you like the sweet and sour fish?

: to indicate it is obvious

zhè yě bù nénɡ ɡuài tā  tóu yì huí ma
这 也 不 能 怪 他,头 一 回 嘛。
He’s not to blame. After all, it was the first time he’d done it.
Or, placed at the end of a sentence to draw attention to the following sentences:

nǐ ma jiù bú yònɡ qīn zì qù le
你 嘛,就 不 用 亲 自 去 了。
As for you, I don’t think you have to go in person.

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