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Make Learning Chinese Mandarin More Fun

Clarie is taking Chinese Mandarin lessons each Saturday, but She always just think the language looks such boring! She hope learn Chinese language that if it was interesting and fun for her, it would make her more motivated, therefore making it easier for her to learn Chinese and I give some hints.

If you are interested in Chinese movie, find some that you are interested in and watch it with English subtitles. It’s always exciting for me to hear a phrase or sentence in a language I’m learning in a movie and understand it without reading the subtitles. And I always get excited with my progress. I mean for a while I will only be able to understand bits and pieces and then eventually 10%, 20%, 50%, etc.

To make it fun you have to find a reason for learning it. What are the benefits for you? Do you like Chinese music, books, etc.? Being able to understand such things with ease if you keep at it might motivate you.I like Chinese, it’s part of my culture and I love impressing people with my Chinese. It makes me feel good. I also love languages in general. I think characters look cool so I have fun writing or typing them. The love of the language motivates me, but you’ll probably have to find something for yourself.

Lastly , practice over and over with native people face to face or Instant Messenger such like QQ International. Remember one Chinese saying words: 千里之行,始于足下。 ghrmay kun nahi tha to uramela ke sath masti.
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