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Popular word 伤不起 I can’t be hurt anymore!

“伤不起 (shāngbùqǐ)” is a new popular expression in 2011. It means someone has already been hurt deeply and won’t stand any more torment.
At first, “伤不起 (shāngbùqǐ)” was only popular  in schools and on the internet, but now “伤不起 (shāngbùqǐ)” is widely used in daily life. Some television programs are using this phrase to create dramas. It has even been used as a song title by popular singers. Using the normal sentence order, the sentence should be “你伤不起… (nǐ shāngbùqǐ…)”, but it is now much more common to say “…你伤不起 (…nǐ shāngbùqǐ).” We put the object in the front of the sentence to emphasis our feelings.

For examples: 
Méiyǒu fángzi de nánrén, nǐ shāngbùqǐ a.

没有 房子 的 男人,你 伤不起 啊。

The man without a house can’t be hurt anymore.

In China, from ancient time to nowadays, Chinese people have a rooted tradition–they have always
wanted to own their own houses. In Chinese people’s mind, if you want to have a family, you’d better own a house first, especially for men. So those who don’t have a house will feel grieved and you cannot say nor do something to hurt their heart again. ghrmay kun nahi tha to uramela ke sath masti.
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