November 14

Learn Chinese and English with

Chinese culture is one of the richest and oldest in the world. It is also considered as the most spoken language with almost 900 million native speakers. Chinese is spoken in different dialects but the most spoken is Mandarin. Aside from China, Chinese language is also used in countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, HongKong and.

December 14

Good News:Learn Chinese Mandarin In London(UK)

If you want to get fast way to learn Chinese mandarin in London without leaving your desk, two ways is recommended for you. Firstly ,I got a question :have you been meaning to start learning Mandarin for a while but somehow never seem to get round to it?If so, don’t worry, you’re in good company..

December 2

Skype Brings Your Way To Learn Chinese Language

Interested in learning Chinese language, but don’t have enough money or sufficient time on learning in China? Don’t worry, The native and experienced tutors are taking to Skype for help you. The high quality of voice service offered by Skype’s VoIP SW, as well as the high-speed Internet connections in China and elsewhere, make it.

November 23

Dialogue with China’s ambassador to France:Promote Chinese language

Dialogue with China’s ambassador to France:Promote Chinese language

According to Xinhua news, Chinese Foreign Ministry Web site, recently, the Chinese ambassador in France, Kong Quan, invited to the French Ministry of Education as a guest by Bellassen, the two sides talked about tea, with emphasis on the history of development of Chinese language teaching in France, Features and promotion prospects of exchange of.