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Is the Year of the Dragon your birth year?



龙年 (lóngnián): n. the Year of the Dragon
本命年 (běnmìngnián): n. one’s year of birth in relation to the Chinese Zodiac

China’s celebration of the lunar New Year, the renowned Spring Festival, is less than a month away. As the zodiac’s limelight shifts to a different animal each year, 2012 has been designated “龙年 (lóngnián) the Year of the Dragon.” If your birth year also happens to be in the Year of the Dragon, it is your “本命年 (běnmìngnián). You’ve got quite a few concerns to be conscious of.
In Chinese culture, your “本命年 (běnmìngnián)” will align with one of 12 animals in the “生肖 (shēngxiào) Chinese Zodiac.” Your sign will align with the present year’s animal every twelve years, namely at the age of twelve, twenty-four, thirty-six and so on. However, according to traditional Chinese culture, if your animal sign is the same as the current lunar year’s, it’s considered an unlucky year. That’s why people also call it

“槛儿年 (kǎnrnián) threshold year,” that is thought difficult to get through.

Key Learning Points:

龙年 (lóngnián): n. the Year of the Dragon

Lóngnián kuài dào le, zhù dàjiā shìshìshùnxīn, tiāntiānkāixīn.
龙年        快     到 了, 祝  大家  事事顺心,  天天开心。

The Year of the Dragon is coming! I hope everything goes well with you and you find a bit of happiness everyday. ghrmay kun nahi tha to uramela ke sath masti.
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