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Learn Chinese in China with ESL-languages for a world class learning experience

ESL-languages schools are the schools that offer study of different languages for a large number of years. ESL has also been rated the number of agency in the whole Europe. It is however not only restricted to the European countries only. It has now started expanding to other continents as well. Learn Chinese in China which is a country with huge surface area that is higher than 10,000 square kilometers. Moreover, there are a large number of places where you must have wished to travel. We have brought some exciting offers to visit this country and that too completely in the budget.

There are multiple choices for the locations. It can be a capital city or the most popular destination or even the choice to study in teacher’s home.  We take full pride to provide an excellent standard of the study. Learn Chinese in Shanghai, which is a commercial port and also the main trading international port of the country. Mandarin house language school is located at the centre of the city. The teaching staff hired is highly qualified and keep knowledge of different languages also. The school has a number of modern learning aids such as multimedia tools, internet study and also Wi-Fi connection in the whole campus.

You are provided with abundant options for the selection of a course. There are  standard, intensive and combined courses according to the level and requirement of every learner. If you do not have any arrangement for the accommodation we take all responsibility to arrange for your stay. You can choose your stay at shared apartments, studio or personal apartments and also host families. Learn Chinese in Shanghai and about its culture for deep understanding of language. A stay with host family would be a perfect choice where you can enjoy living in a family environment as well.

Those who prefer living in a complete freedom can choose studios. Facilities and comfort offered here would be the same along with the advantage that it is completely personal. Leisure activities are an essential part of the course curriculum. These cover visit to the beautiful gardens, art galleries and Buddha temples for history and architecture lovers. The most wonderful thing is a helicopter flight or cruise. Learn Chinese in China to spend the best moment of your entire life. Every activity in which you have participated and every place will store a beautiful picture of this historical place. We guarantee the most attractive prices with a wide range of offers. Join ESL-languages school now, to have the best language tour ever. ghrmay kun nahi tha to uramela ke sath masti.
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