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红 – A Pleasant Shade of Chinese

红 (hóng): to become popular/successful
Amongst different cultures, different words and concepts carry with them varying undertones and meanings. As you progress in the Mandarin language, you’ll learn this is especially true with the word “红 (hóng),” or “red.” Perhaps you’ve already explored predominantly Chinese environments, or explored websites and heard an individual being labeled, “红了 (hóng le),” or called a “红人 (hóngrén).” The typical response is probably “Well how exactly does a person ‘act red’?” In actuality, “红 (hóng)” as an adjective, or personal description, usually refers to someone who’s well favored amongst others. Building upon that, terms such as, “一炮走红 (yípàozǒuhóng),” and “大红大紫 (dàhóngdàzǐ),” can mean “attaining fame by chance” and “being a big hit” respectively.
Throughout its five-thousand year old civilization, China has branded red with a multitude of favorable meanings. This particular complexity can be seen everywhere in the lives of Chinese

people – festive occasions, fond memories, warm feelings, successful businesses and more. 龙

Key Learning Point: 
红 (hóng): to become popular/successful
For examples:
Tā yǐ jīngzhàn de yǎnjì xùnsù zǒuhóng yǐngshìjiè.
他 以   精湛    的 演技  迅速    走红      影视界。
His popularity grew quickly after his brilliant performances in film and television.
Gōngsī zuìjìn jǐge

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