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Is the Year of the Dragon your birth year?

龙年 (lóngnián): n. the Year of the Dragon 本命年 (běnmìngnián): n. one’s year of birth in relation to the Chinese Zodiac China’s celebration of the lunar New Year, the renowned Spring Festival, is less than a month away. As…

Do you like spicy food?

辣 (là): adj. spicy/hot        The Chinese character "辣 (là)" literally means spicy. In China, Sichuan province is famous for its spicy cuisine, for example, "火锅 (huǒguō)" hotpot. And it…

How to tell the difference between 有点 and一点

有点yǒudiǎn and一点 yìdiǎn both mean a little, but how to tell the difference? Well, the grammar function is different. 有点yǒudiǎn +adj./v. adj./v.+ 一点 yìdiǎn For example: 我有点冷。 wǒ yǒudiǎn lěng. I’m a little cold. 我有点感冒。 wǒ yǒudiǎn…

How do u celebrate single day?

The day of Nov. 11 (11.11) is the so-called “光棍儿节 (Guānggùnr Jié) Single’s Day,” because the four number “1” in the date look like four sticks with smooth surface. In Chinese the phrase "光棍儿 (guānggùnr)” first appeared in ancient China, and… ghrmay kun nahi tha to uramela ke sath masti.
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