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Check your answers with mine – 把你的答案跟我的核对一下

Chinese Sentence: 把你的答案跟我的核对一下。 
English Translation: Check your answers with mine

Simplified Traditional Pinyin Tones English
ba3 to hold / to contain / to grasp / to take hold of / a handle / particle marking the following noun as a direct object / classifier for objects with handle
你的 你的 ni3 de5 nǐ de your / yours
答案 答案 da2 an4 dá àn answer / solution / CL:個|个
gen1 gēn heel / to follow closely / to go with / to marry sb (of woman) / with / towards / as (compared to) / from (different from) / and (in addition to)
我的 我的 wo3 de5 wǒ de my / mine
核对 覈對 he2 dui4 hé duì to check (figures) / to audit
一下 一下 yi1 xia4 yī xià (used after a verb) give it a go / to do (sth for a bit to give it a try) / one time / once / in a while / all of a sudden / all at once
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