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Listening with your heart is good for you – 专心聆听别人说话对你有好处

Chinese Sentence: 专心聆听别人说话对你有好处。 
English Translation: Listening with your heart is good for you.

Simplified Traditional Pinyin Tones English
专心 專心 zhuan1 xin1 zhuān xīn to concentrate / absorption / concentration / engrossed
聆听 聆聽 ling2 ting1 líng tīng listen (respectfully)
别人 別人 bie2 ren2 bié rén other people / others / other person
说话 說話 shuo1 hua4 shuō huà to speak / to say / to talk / to gossip / to tell stories / talk / word
dui4 duì couple / pair / to be opposite / to oppose / to face / versus / for / to / correct (answer) / to answer / to reply / to direct (towards sth) / right
你有 你有 ni3 you3 nǐ yǒu Do you have
好处 好處 hao3 chu5 hǎo chu benefit / advantage / gain / profit / also pronounced hao3 chu4 / ghrmay kun nahi tha to uramela ke sath masti.
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