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She guided the tourists around the castle – 她引导旅游者参观了这座城堡

Chinese Sentence: 她引导旅游者参观了这座城堡。 
English Translation: She guided the tourists around the castle.

Simplified Traditional Pinyin Tones English
ta1 she
引导 引導 yin3 dao3 yǐn dǎo to guide / to lead / to conduct / introduction
旅游者 旅遊者 lu:3 you2 zhe3 lu:3 yóu zhě tourist / traveler / visitor
参观 參觀 can1 guan1 cān guān to look around / to inspect / visit and observe
le5 le (modal particle intensifying preceding clause) / (completed action marker)
这座 這座 zhe4 zuo4 zhè zuò The
城堡 城堡 cheng2 bao3 chéng bǎo castle / rook (chess piece) ghrmay kun nahi tha to uramela ke sath masti.
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