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How to use “忽然” and “突然” in Chinese(Section 2)

Last section we discussed the “忽然” and “突然” when the situation can be replaced each other, now we will be going on the situation not interchangeable.

1. “突然” as an adjective, much broader usage, which also determines the diversity in sentences. In addition to the verb before the adverbial, it can also to be attributive, predicate, and complement, such as “突然的变故,”. Here the “突然” are not replaced by “忽然”
“突然” as attributive noun in the sentence modification, the terms pre-available “,” can also be omitted, such as :
2. “突然” as predicate in the sentence, in the front generally there is a “very,” “too” or after “very,” and “very,” and so on, such as:
“突然” can also be made after the verb complement, then there must be in front of “得”, such as
Such as “突然” usage, are “忽然” does not have, that these “突然” can not be replaced by “忽然.”
You can see above, although the “突然” in usage is sometimes equivalent to “忽然”, but in most cases is different. In reality the sentence is often a misuse of “suddenly” changed to “突然”, which was mainly due to “忽然” only reason adverb usage, in which the use “突然” where used the term “忽然.” 事情发生得太”忽然”了” and “出现了“忽然”事情” “。

To summarize by “突然” and “忽然,” This is more detailed comparison of induction, I hope to help foreign students deepen their understanding of Chinese language in the understanding of this difficult to reduce the error, so that they can be more accurate and comfortable with the application of “突然”and the”忽然. ” ghrmay kun nahi tha to uramela ke sath masti.
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