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Chinese Grammar

Learn Chinese Grammar with Common Chinese Sentences

Chinese Grammar “可是”

他没有学过汉语,可是口语很好。(ta mei you xue guo han yu, ke shi kou yu hen hao.) “可是” is a conjunction expressing transition. It's used between two clauses, e.g: 我听说过这个名字,可是不知道是谁。

Chinese Grammar “two 一边”

我要一边听歌,一边学汉语。(wo yao yi bian ting ge, yi bian xue han yu.) In Chinese, two "一边"  are often used in conjunction to indicate doing two or more actions at the same time, e.g: 妈妈一边做饭,一边和客人聊天。

Chinese Grammar “先……然后”

我要先在这儿学习半年,然后在中国工作。(wo yao xian zai zhe er xue xi ban nian, ran hou zai zhong guo gong zuo.) In Chinese, the adverb "先" is often used before the adverb "然后", to indicate the sequence of two events.…
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